Who Should Attend

Applied Data Visualization Healthcare is designed for healthcare providers, networks and payers to harness the power of their datasets to improve operational outcomes, increase the quality of care given, and reduce expenses.


Visualization Centers of Excellence

  • Data Visualization practitioners
  • Data visualization designers
  • Data visualization program leaders


Analytics & Business Intelligence Teams

  • Analytics & BI practitioners
  • Business analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Patient experience practitioners
  • Analytics and BI program leaders


Clinical Informatics Teams

  • Clinical informatics specialists
  • Quality of care practitioners
  • Clinical informatics program leaders


Population Health Teams

  • Population health & integrated care practitioners
  • Population health strategists
  • Population health partnerships
  • Population health program leaders


Data & Analytics Leadership

  • Chief Data and Analytics Officers
  • Senior analytics & BI leadership
  • Senior patient experience leadership
  • Senior population health leaders