About Event

A Holistic View of Healthcare Visualizations

Focus on improving provider and payer operations by building practical, actionable visualizations to deliver key insights where they are needed most. Join us as top thought leaders explore how the healthcare industry can unlock the power of their data with case studies, collaborative panels, and insightful keynote presentations. Enjoy extensive networking opportunities, share your knowledge with peers, and get hands on with key visualization tools.


Become a Data Storyteller
Move your visualizations from a basic reporting tool to streamlined data stories that deliver impact and inspire action. Discover more about the healthcare industry, stakeholder expectations, and building collaborative partnerships across divisions to ensure your visualizations tackle the key business and organizational challenges.

Better Design, Better Care
In the healthcare industry, even small design choices can have wide ranging implications. Applied Data Visualization Healthcare will explore fundamental and advanced design concepts for ensuring you visualizations deliver intuitive and powerful insights to patients and the c-suite alike. Explore core concepts and cutting-edge interactive tools to maximize your ability to deliver strong messages.

Hear Cutting Edge Case Studies:
Applied Data Visualization Healthcare features some of the top minds in business intelligence explaining how they created impact by applying visualizations across their organization. Gain insights to take back with you. Explore how you can look beyond the questions being asked to deliver meaningful change.

Get Under the Hood
From data wrangling to tool evaluation, Applied Data Visualization Healthcare will give you comprehensive knowledge to build the most accurate, impactful and creative visualizations possible. Learn how to utilize distributed computing to create near- and real-time visualizations. Explore how visualizations can be used to create a greater level of understanding and faith in experimental data science projects. Break through data silos for a complete view of the organization and patient health to identify where visualizations can be used to deliver complicated information in an understandable way.

Population Health Focus Day
You can help make your communities healthier, happier, and better connected through population health data visualization. This separately bookable focus day will focus in on some of the most pressing challenges in creating effective population visualizations including integrating external data sets without generating noise, exploring how to measure and present key social determinants, and how to encourage an exploration of data through interactive visualizations that encourage discovery.