Turning Big Data into Actionable Stories to Improve Clinical, Health & Operational Outcomes

At a time of enormous data overload, visualization has massive potential to improve clinical decision-making and operational efficiencies across the healthcare sector by telling forceful and effective stories in complex and interconnected areas.

Bringing together expert data practitioners from some of the largest and most innovative healthcare providers and payers, Applied Data Visualization Healthcare is the only event in North America to help visualization and business intelligence teams maximize their impact.

Packed with practical guidance, case studies and engaging discussion – this is your essential guide to drive meaningful outcomes from your data. From A-Z, we’ll take you through how to advance data literacy in your organization, breakdown silos and better organize your data, improve the design of your visualizations and optimize applications to solve common healthcare challenges.

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“I could not be more excited about the Applied Data Visualization in Healthcare conference in January! This event will be a unique opportunity to exchange thoughts & learn new techniques among data visualization practitioners within the healthcare industry.”



"Become a game-changer by automating your deliverable, adopting the latest visualization techniques, and working with cutting-edge technology."

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